A downloadable game for Windows

This Experience is an excerpt of the full SSTR game.

SSTR is a logic puzzle game set onboard a mysterious colony ship whose AI is on a mission to exterminate every soul aboard. Using materials found throughout the ship you construct defenses to buy time in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

We've designed this First Experience to test out a couple mechanics present within the game. Try it out, solve the puzzle, and have some fun :)  If you enjoyed it, share it with your friends!

Any feedback at all would be appreciated - links to our socials are inside the game.

Join our SSTR Discord server to contribute to the game's development and interact with the team.

An installer containing all currently available Experiences can also be found below.

Install instructions

Unzip all files to any location and run the SSTR_First_Experience.exe file.


SSTR First Experience.zip 363 MB
SSTR All Experiences.zip 748 MB


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Quite enjoyed it! So glad I could figure out where the hints were hidden in the end!

Interesting experience.

Thanks for playing! If you upload the second experience, do let us know.
If you have any feedback, do let us know by joining our Discord:
SSTR Discord server


It's really impressive

Thank you, get ready for the second!


when? and will it be longer?


Regarding the length, these are supposed to be bite sized pieces of the real game. Rest assured that this was an intro experience to get your toes wet :)  While I can't guarantee the next one will be longer, I think you'll love it!


Yea i get that the first one was a teaser, just curious if the second one was aswell. But good to know, still looking forward to it no doubt.