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Quite enjoyed it! So glad I could figure out where the hints were hidden in the end!

Awesome video!


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my brain hates the controls when interacting with panels etc

cant you just make E interact, F flash light, WASD navigate the controls? 

Hey! Thanks for the feedback - there's a design decision we made around not "locking" the user into any UI, and that means WASD needs to be reserved for player movement. F is the standard key to interact in games where Q and E are used, which is why we decided on that. R for flashlight was an afterthought because the flashlight was added pretty deep into development. What key would you suggest for interact / flashlight since Q and E are used?

alt+windows key + esc :) i dont know. I got used to it i guess and so i will in the full game. No worries.

hahaha I was thinking maybe Alt-F4. Really mess with people.

might generate a few more comments about the controls tho :)