A downloadable experience for Windows

This Experience is an excerpt of the full SSTR game.

SSTR is a logic puzzle game set onboard a mysterious colony ship whose AI is on a mission to exterminate every soul aboard. Using materials found throughout the ship you construct defenses to buy time in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

In the Second Experience, we decided to up the difficulty.

This puzzle is harder than the previous one and will give a better feel for what the overall difficulty of SSTR will be once it is released. 

If you have not played the previous experience, we suggest downloading the "All Experiences" installer to play everything released so far.

Any feedback at all would be appreciated, join our SSTR Discord server to contribute to the game's development and interact with the team.

Stay tuned for the Fourth Experience coming just after New Years.

An installer containing all currently available Experiences can also be found below.


SSTR Second Experience.zip 469 MB
SSTR All Experiences.zip 748 MB


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Quite enjoyed it! So glad I could figure out where the hints were hidden in the end!

Awesome video!


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my brain hates the controls when interacting with panels etc

cant you just make E interact, F flash light, WASD navigate the controls? 

Hey! Thanks for the feedback - there's a design decision we made around not "locking" the user into any UI, and that means WASD needs to be reserved for player movement. F is the standard key to interact in games where Q and E are used, which is why we decided on that. R for flashlight was an afterthought because the flashlight was added pretty deep into development. What key would you suggest for interact / flashlight since Q and E are used?

alt+windows key + esc :) i dont know. I got used to it i guess and so i will in the full game. No worries.

hahaha I was thinking maybe Alt-F4. Really mess with people.

might generate a few more comments about the controls tho :)